Summer Camp Advisory Team LLC


Summer Camp Advisory Team is the provider of summer day camps for the various locations around the country. Our mission is to enrich the lives of children by simultaneously fostering fun and building character. Leadership, teamwork, preparation, initiative, and effort are life skills echoed repeatedly throughout our curriculum. We hire experienced and extraordinary teachers, coaches, and students of education, who are dedicated to cultivating these skills.


Before assessing whether or not our company may be a great fit for you, please know we are looking for persons who are completely aligned with our company's overarching and paramount goal:


To deliver a safe, professional, learning, and memorable program each and every hour throughout each and every day to our campers.


In return, your commitment to this goal will stimulate all campers to literally go home each day from camp with a story or two, which they cannot wait to share with their family and loved ones in the car ride home or at the dinner table that same day.


If you have a passion for providing an environment where these stories will truly "go home" with the campers, you have done your job as an Instructor and we have done our job as a company!

At Summer Camp Advisory, our #1 goal is to hire the most qualified, positive, inspirational, team-oriented teachers and educators to be instructors with a passion for teaching, children, technology, fun, and personal development. Working at our camps is more than simply a traditional seasonal or part time job. Join the Summer Camp Advisory family and experience an environment full of curiosity, care, development, value, and attention to detail. Join our mission and our common goal of working together as a team. Working at Summer Camp Advisory provides you with advancement opportunities for your career and future Summer Camp Advisory opportunities.


Explore our current locations' Websites below:


Rancho Summer Camps - Scottsdale, AZ

IDEAS Summer Camp - Columbus, OH

IDEAS Summer Camp - Annapolis, MD

IDEAS Summer Camp - Louisville, KY

IDEAS Summer Camp - Bethesda, MD



WORK WITH US IN 2022!   This Is Why You Want This Job!

  • Work for A COMPANY THAT CARES about your safety and job satisfaction!
  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE throughout the summer.
    • Work in 3-week, 6-week, 8-week increments (as an example)
    • Day Camp schedules available between the hours of 7a.m. and 5:30p.m. 
    • Have another commitment like a summer class? Work select days of the week!
    • Some positions offer a half day schedule option
  • PAID BREAKS & Personal time to check your phone.
  • Highly COMPETITIVE PAY for this industry
  • Commitment Bonus Plan (extremely unusual of in this industry)
  • HAVE KIDS? You may be eligible for partial or full discounts.
  • Enhance your resume and JOB MARKETABILITY by working with one of the top programs in the country. 
    • Join a twenty-year network of current and past team members who have worked with us.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of children. 
  • Work with your friends. Meet new ones!
  • GET PAID TO PLAY, have fun and be creative
    • We have a professional mascot, dunk tank, jumbo water balloon launcher, professional foam machines, rockets that fly 1,000 ft in the air and a prize wheel - do we need to say more? Oh, did we mention you get to eat ICEES everyday too!?

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